International esoteric magazine “Apocrypha”

PDF-magazine about magic, occultism, esoterism and religion studies welcomes you!

Actual release: 27.12.2019.
Magazine guide: 1 (16.10.2015)2 (21.03.2018)3 (19.03.2019).

Our main topics are: occultism, esoterism, religious studies, metaphysical nonconformism and related issues.

English edition was launched in May of 2016. Currently we are looking for representatives, translators, editors, etc. Russian edition of “Апокриф/Apocrypha” was launched in the spring of 2004. Before (02.2003) the magazine was issued in the form of HTML-pages named “European digest, Jupiter’s satellite”.

The magazine is issued once (sometimes twice) a month. The project includes Ukrainian, Georgian, Lithuanian, Belorussian, Chinese language editions as well as editions in Tokipona, Arahau and Gingua artificial languages. We are also working on other language editions in Kazakh, Estonian, Serbian and other languages.

You can subscribe by sending e-mail (with the subject “Apocrypha subscribe”) to Please, make sure that you send us the correct e-mail address. Moreover we are waiting for your texts and translations on topic of magic, occultism, philosophy and so on. You are welcomed to send your wishes and commentaries to the  e-mail specified earlier.

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